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TFF-MV is a filter cartridge in hollow fibers made of polysulfone having pores of 200 nm size. The filter is very useful for separating different EVs by size. Indeed, microvesicles bigger than 150 nm are retained inside the hollow fibers, while small EVs and molecules easily permeate the filter. Microvesicles can be recovered with a syringe in PBS buffer, without additional purification steps.

The filter works with diluted matrices (cell media and urines) and with complex biofluids (plasma, serum etc.).

TFF-MV can be easily washed and it is reusable multiple times.

Applications: Separation of EVs by size. Recovering of big microvesicles in one step, without additional purification.

Advantages: Washable, reusable multiple times, easy to use.

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TFF-MV - tangential flow filtration concentrator
TFF-MV – tangential flow filtration-based device   ..