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TFF-Easy is a filter cartridge in hollow fibers made of polysulfone, which allows the concentration and the removal of small proteins and molecules from diluted matrices (cell conditioned media, urine, etc.), prior to the EV purification.

The small dimensions of the device allow to concentrate samples from 5 ml up to liters, surmounting the limit of the TFF technique which is usable for processing big volumes of fluids. The filter is additionally suitable for dialyzing EV preparations.

TFF-Easy can be easily washed and it is reusable multiple times.

Applications: Concentration of diluted matrices as cell media or urine prior to EV isolation. Easy removal of small molecules and ions from the EV preparation. EV dialysis for changing buffer conditions. High efficiency of EV isolation if coupled with SEC columns.

Advantages: Washable, reusable multiple times, easy to use, fast concentration of EV containing matrices. EV dialysis.

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TFF-Easy - tangential flow filtration EV concentrator 1
TFF-Easy – tangential flow filtration-based device   ..
TFF-Easy - tangential flow filtration concentrator 5
TFF-Easy – tangential flow filtration-based device   ..
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