Terms & Conditions

HansaBioMed Life Sciences Ltd (http://exotest.eu/online_orders/ webstore administrator and owner), hereafter „HBM-LS“.

http://exotest.eu/online_orders/, hereafter „webstore“.

Client, hereafter „buyer"


1. HBM-LS has a large variety of products on its webstore, some are available in any given moment and some needs to be pre-ordered.

2. HBM-LS webstore is also a product catalog.

3. If the buyer is a HBM-LS distributor, then please place your orders via webstore.

4. If the buyer places an order, which total sum is over 3000 euros, please contact us via email info@hansabiomed.eu, the shipment costs may be higher.

5. If you have any questions about the products, about the ordering process - please contact us via email info@hansabiomed.eu.


1. HBM-LS offers the bank transfer payments, PayPal and credit card payments only for webstore orders. Email orders can be paid only with bank transfer.

2. HBM-LS will send you a commercial invoice within 42/h, after the products are sent out.

3. All international orders will have 100% pre-payment term by default. (Long term distributors are entitled to exceptions regarding prices and terms)

4. Orders are processed after the payment or payment order is received by HBM-LS


1. HBM-LS will double check, that all the ordered products would get packed correctly.

2. Buyer should ask all the questions regarding the products before making the order. HBM-LS is not responsible, if the buyer has bought a product, received it and wishes to return it because the buyer thought the product would be something else.

3. Buyer has the right to demand refund, in case he/she has received a damaged, broken or a product which was not in the order, or if the product is missing.

4. Buyer has to take photos of the damaged products and send them to HBM-LS and the carrier service provider or if it is a technical problem, then send the product back to HBM-LS for inspection.

5. If the parcels/packages are severely deformed during the transport, then a buyer should take photos of the parcel/packages and should not accept the parcel. If such problem occurs, HBM-LS will dispatch this order again.