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EV DNA Isolation Kits

Circulating DNA is emerging as a novel non-invasive tool for patient¬s stratification and disease monitoring. While most of the research has focused on circulating cell-free (cfDNA) or circulating-tumor- cell-(CTC)-derived DNA, extracellular vesicle-(EVs)-associated DNA (EVDNA) is emerging as a third valuable “liquid biopsy” platform. In fact, genomic single or double-stranded DNA and mitochondrial DNA have been recently detected in extracellular vesicles. In particular, the majority of double-stranded DNA seems to be associated with tumor derived exosomes (Thakur BK et al. 2014; Kalhert et al. 2014 ) where it represents the entire genome of the cancerous tumor from which exosomes were derived. This discovery corroborates the potential of exosomes, which can be easily obtained from a simple blood test.

HBM is the first company that developed two kits for the isolation of circulating and Exosome-associated genomic DNA: EXO-DNA and the new EXO-DNAc, which includes a DNA concentrator for concentrating the yield (4 fold concentration) and increasing the purity of the DNA to the levels required for digital PCR (dPCR) analysis and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

Applications: Discovering of mutations by qPCR or digital PCR. Direct exosome capture and DNA purification from biofluids of cell media without time consuming purification steps. Isolation and profiling of genomic EV-associated DNA by DNAse treatment.

Advantages: Highly pure circulating and EVs-associated DNA. Fast and easy protocol. Small volume amount required. Suitable for concomitant profiling of cell-free circulating DNA and EV-associated DNA. The only kit on the market providing Exosome Standards as control.

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EXO-DNAc- PS: Isolation of circulating and EV-associated DNA from plasma and serum.   ..
EXO-DNAc- UC: Isolation of circulating and EV-associated DNA from urine and cell culture media. ..