What biomarker(s) do you use to identify/characterize the isolated exosomes?

As reported in literature (Kowal J. et al. 2016, Greening DW et al. 2016, Lai RC et al. 2016) markers as CD81, TSG101, Adam10, ALIX, flotillin are indicated, in addition to the usual markers CD63 and CD9, for detecting exosomes isolated from cell media and human biofluids.

Is there any specific exosome marker?

Currently, this is an open question, as reported in litterature data. In addition to the usual CD9, CD63 and CD81, ALIX and TSG101 are recognized as specific exosome markers.

Is there any specific marker for apoptotic bodies and exosomes originated from same cells?

Annexin V, thrombospondin, and C3b are typical markers of apoptotic bodies and can be used to differentiate them from exosomes.

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