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Exosome Isolation Tools

Exosome Isolation Tools

Ultracentrifugation is currently the gold standard methodology for exosomes isolation from biological fluids or cell supernatants. However it does not effectively isolate exosomes from small volume samples, it requires expensive equipment and it is time-consuming. To address these issues, the HBM team has developed and optimized 4 classes of effective tools for isolating overall or specific exosome populations, in an efficient, fast and user-friendly way. Our products comprise:


PURE-EVs Size Exclusion Chromatography Columns

New and efficient size exclusion chromatography (SEC) columns for the isolation of highly pure exosomes from biofluids (i.e. plasma, serum and urine) and from cell culture media.


New and efficient one-step method for total exosome isolation from biofluids (i.e. plasma, serum and urine) and from cell culture media.

ELISA Immunoplates

For exosome immunocapture using generic or specific exosome-associated biomarkers (i.e. tumor, neural and glial derived).


Latex immunobeads for generic and specific exosome immunocapture from human biofluids or cell supernatants. Immunocaptured exosome can be recovered and used for downstream analyses.



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